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STD Specialties is a not-for-profit clinic staffed by professionals who approach, with sensitivity, each client who walks into our confidential setting.

We treat each person with the utmost compassion, providing quality expertise for sexually transmitted diseases.

STD Specialties Clinic has over a twenty -year history of providing health care services to metropolitan Milwaukee and surrounding areas.  The Clinic originated within St. Anthony's Hospital and operated as an outpatient facility.  When St. Anthony's Hospital discontinued services in 1988, the clinic became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  The clinic adopted the name STD Specialties Clinic, Inc. and now owns the current clinic site located on North Holton Street.

The clinic has continued to expand its services and programs over the years and has established itself as the largest HIV testing site in the State of Wisconsin.

STD Specialties Clinic
3251 North Holton St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

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